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What's Inside

Today’s top enterprise retailers are faced with a new set of challenges almost daily: labor shortages, the ongoing supply chain crisis, pandemic impacts wreaking havoc on revenue predictions and inventory management, all on top of responding to the latest customer expectations.

But the fundamental mission remains the same: make it easy for customers to find and purchase the products they love—no matter what.

In this 38-page PDF, we'll take an inside look at the AI and omnichannel strategies today's top companies are leveraging to reach new heights in product search and discovery.


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What You'll Learn


How hyper-personalization applies granular, customer-level data science in new ways to customize omnichannel experiences, enable sales, and grow customer loyalty.


How AI and first-party data empower retailers to adapt to changing data privacy policies and achieve better outcomes than before.


How omnichannel retailers can meet customers’ expectations for the inventory they see online, the personalization of the in-store experience, and convenience above all.


Applying machine learning and AI to customer clickstream data, Constructor creates personalized, optimized product discovery experiences across search, browse, recommendations, and more. Our products help top ecommerce companies drive KPIs and grow lifetime value.

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