Searchandising: Your Ecommerce Advantage in 2022

Too many companies are reactive in their approach to merchandising, putting out supply chain fires and butting up against manual inefficiencies. They’re struggling to stay on top of trends, inventory, the latest promotions, customer search queries, and more.

But with a more proactive approach, you can transform your merchandising teams into strategic contributors to business KPIs.

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As a former product manager at Best Buy Canada, Amanda Nutbrown-Bourdeau spent years optimizing the company’s online product search capabilities and driving growth. She now helps other enterprise ecommerce teams do the same in her role as product manager at Constructor.

In this webinar, Amanda will explain how you can activate a strong searchandising strategy to:

  • Automate complicated processes like reranking and inventory management
  • Empower merchandising teams to get out of the trenches
  • Leverage merchandiser expertise to drive the business results that matter most

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Amanda Nutbrown-Bourdeau

Product Manager

Amanda Nutbrown-Bourdeau is Product Manager at Constructor, where she is helping build the future of search and product discovery. Amanda has worked in the e-commerce industry for over seven years, previously at Best Buy Canada and now at Constructor where she helps brands like Sephora, Backcountry, and Bonobos create best-in-class digital experiences.


Lauren Lang


Lauren Lang is Senior Content Marketing Manager at Constructor. Passionate about empowering present and future customers, Lauren leads educational content initiatives to help more retailers leverage the power of product search and discovery to reach their top business objectives.


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