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60% of shoppers are in search of a better product discovery experience.

We surveyed 462 U.S. shoppers to learn how they feel about the current state of online shopping - and what hinders them from becoming repeat customers. Dive in and take away tangible ways to improve your own site's current search functionalities.


What's good for the shopper is good for the business.

Rapid change has swept through the retail and ecommerce industry over the past few years and the need to deliver excellent customer experiences has remained a constant priority and “North Star” for ecommerce companies: one that’s good for the shopper and good for business.

In short, when it comes to product discovery, today’s shoppers are in search of a change — and in addition to serving up products, it’s incumbent on retailers to serve up innovative and useful solutions.

We asked the following experts to give their take on the survey data that follows — what it means to them, and what it may mean to your retail organization. Download your copy now.

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Lead Digital & Search Specialist @ JOANN Fabric and Craft Stores

Lindy Murphy

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Group SVP, Technology @ Valtech

Casper Rasmussen

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Chief Marketing Officer @ Constructor

Courtney Austermehle

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Shopping Pain Points

What really hinders shoppers on their product discovery journeys. 

A Case for Change

Tangible ways you can improve your current search functionalities.

Eye on the future

The strategic benefits to creating personalized, “sticky” experiences.

ChatGPT and AI

Actual shopper sentiments regarding the use of new and emerging AI-powered technologies in ecommerce.

Holistic ecommerce search and product discovery. Obsessed with tangible results.

Constructor serves billions of queries every day, generating metrics essential to our customers’ success.

+13% Search Conversion
+9% Search Revenue
+5% Revenue per Visit
+A$13% Revenue
$40M Revenue
+8% Search Revenue

Recognized in the retail tech industry for ease of integration and commitment to driving ecommerce metrics


The State of Ecommerce Product Search and Discovery 2023: Shoppers in Search of a Change

Dive deep into the examination of product discovery experiences that have a direct impact on revenue.