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Balance creative merchandising and data analytics

The Art and Science of Searchandising


The goal? Help shoppers find products online...quickly.

Today’s most successful retailers and brands use two secret weapons to help shoppers find products online: the strategic creativity of their ecommerce teams, and an unprecedented amount of data. 

And both require the right technology to help maximize their business impact.

In this webinar, learn:

✔️ Why searchandising is the next step in the evolution of revenue-driving customer experience
✔️ How the right tech investments can maximize your team’s operational efficiency, strategic contributions to business goals, and ROI
✔️ What architecture you need to process fast-moving data at scale, and how to really evaluate vendor claims about AI and machine learning

Webinar Speakers

Eli Headshot

CEO and Co-Founder, Constructor

Eli Finkelshteyn

Ronak Shah

Global Partner Solutions Architecture, AWS

Ronak Shah


CMO, Constructor

Courtney Austermehle

The gold standard for enterprise ecommerce search and product discovery.

Constructor serves billions of queries every day, generating metrics essential to our customers’ success.

+13% Search Conversion
+9% Search Conversion
$40M Revenue
+5% Revenue per Visit
+A13M Revenue

Recognized in the retail tech industry for ease of integration and commitment to driving ecommerce metrics.


Is Searchandising an Art or a Science?

Watch the webinar and find out why!