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Personalization and Product Experiences: What’s Next for GenAI

NRF 2024 MACH Haus Panel

ChatGPT took the world by storm in late 2022. This was the first time most people had interacted with Generative AI (GenAI), and it had an immediate impact on operations and long term strategy in ecommerce. Not only has it increased the level of awareness around GenAI technologies, but it’s created new use cases and new ways of thinking about the shopper experience. 

Eli Finkelshteyn and George Zoeckler of Construtor sat down with Sephora’s Sneha Narahalli at MACH Haus at NRF to share their perspectives on these changes, the advice they would give to ecommerce companies who may be distracted or overwhelmed by the GenAI hype, and why they believe GenAI is here to stay. 

Listen to this discussion if you’re interested in:

  • What your shoppers want today (and three years from now), and how you can continuously provide them with highly personalized experiences.
  • How GenAI is shifting the product discovery experience by addressing more complex inquiries, and how you can take advantage of it.
  • Actionable strategies for cutting through the noise to create internal buy-in or alignment around GenAI at your ecommerce company.


Sneha Narahalli_VP of Product & UX, Sephora

VP of Product & UX, Sephora

Sneha Narahalli

Eli Finkelshteyn_Co-Founder & CEO, Constructor

Co-Founder & CEO, Constructor

Eli Finkelshteyn

George Zoeckler_Product Manager, AI Shopping Assistant, Constructor

Product Manager, AI Shopping Assistant, Constructor

George Zoeckler

Danielle Musselwhite_Director of Account Management, Constructor

Director of Account Management, Constructor

Danielle Musselwhite

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NRF 2024 MACH Haus Panel

Learn what digital experience leaders from Sephora and Constructor think about GenAI trends and what comes next in ecommerce.