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2024 NRF MACH Haus Panel

Making the Move From Monolith to MACH

Increase your time to value with MACH architecture

Every ecommerce brand is different and has a different set of pain points. Not only can making the move from a monolith architecture to a MACH one can significantly solve those pain points, but it can increase brand revenue, loyalty, and market share. 

Retail thought leaders from Bold Commerce, Orium, Constructor, and Vercel sat down at MACH Haus at NRF 2024 to discuss their unique perspectives on a move to MACH. 

Listen to learn:

  • The most common reasons brands make the move to MACH, and why it benefits their business.
  • The importance of getting clear on your goals for a rebuild and being intentional about selecting vendors that will help you reach those goals.
  • The value of testing & learning to prove ROI quickly.
  • Why incremental improvements are better for teams and reducing technical debt. 


Jay Myers_Co-Founder, Bold Commerce

Co-Founder, Bold Commerce

Jay Myers

Eli Finkelshteyn_Co-Founder & CEO, Constructor

Co-Founder & CEO, Constructor

Eli Finkelshteyn

Becky Parisotto_VP of Commerce & Retail Platforms, Orium

VP of Commerce & Retail Platforms, Orium

Becky Parisotto

Jen Chang_VP of Partnerships, Vercel

VP of Partnerships, Vercel

Jen Chang

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