Gartner® Quick Answer Report

How GenAI Impacts Digital Commerce Search & Discovery Experience

You’ve heard the buzz around Generative AI (GenAI), but what is the most practical way to apply it to ecommerce search and product discovery? If your organization is prioritizing the online buying experience in 2024, we believe the Gartner® Quick Answer report provides the clarity you’re looking for in order to feel confident in various AI technology and implementation.


Say goodbye to the limitations (and lack of personalization) of traditional keyword-based searches.

Thanks to GenAI, the era of frustrating and irrelevant search results is fading, and how consumers discover products online is evolving.

Keyword-based searches have long posed challenges in relevance, but with GenAI, your customers can enjoy seamless natural language searches that transcend the restrictions of rigid keywords. In this quick answer report, we believe you will learn the specific use cases and benefits of GenAI on your ecommerce search and discovery and how you can implement this technology on your retail site. 

Download the Gartner® Quick Answer Report: How GenAI Impacts Digital Commerce Search & Discovery Experience today to learn more. 

  • Understand the shift from keywords to GenAI-powered natural language searches
  • Discover how large language models (LLMs) revolutionized search methods
  • Learn how to use GenAI for personalized product info, user guidance, and improved search and recommendations
  • Enable guided selling with GenAI and seamlessly add GenAI to your site without disrupting search
  • And more!


Gartner, Quick Answer: How GenAI Impacts Digital Commerce Search & Discovery Experience, 30 November 2023, Aditya Vasudevan, Mike Lowndes

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Gartner® Quick Answer Report: How GenAI Impacts Digital Commerce Search & Discovery Experience

Use these specific use cases and implementation examples for Generative AI in digital commerce to modernize your site’s buying experience in 2024.