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The Forrester Wave™: Commerce Search and Product Discovery, Q3 2023

Constructor was named a Strong Performer out of the 10 Top vendors on the market. Learn about the Leaders, Strong Performers, Contenders, and Challengers now.

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Why Retailers Need to Know These Rankings

In Forrester’s Commerce Search and Product Discovery Wave™, Constructor is a strong performer and received the top score in the strategy category. Learn more about our rankings and what we believe makes us uniquely equipped to solve for your organization’s revenue goals in 2023 and beyond.

  • See the top commerce search and product discovery providers evaluated
  • Know who has top scores in strategy
  • Learn which vendors’ test outcome-driven functionality and products on your site before you buy
  • Find out who is customer-obsessed and committed to best-in-breed services
  • Choose the right technology that is built for both business and technical users

Level up with Constructor

Bring together sitewide ecommerce search and product discovery, merchant solutions, and enterprise-ready delivery — all in one Al-powered, KPI-obsessed platform built for the results that matter to you.
+13% Search Conversion
A13M Revenue
+5% Revenue per Visit
+9% Search Revenue
40M Revenue
+8% Revenue per Visit

The Forrester Wave: Commerce Search and Product Discovery, Q3, 2023

Be informed so that you can choose the best search and product discovery partner.