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Search & Product Discovery Evaluation Template

Ask the right questions and save hours of time using the RFP Template.


Vendors will say just about anything to net their next retail whale.

Every ecommerce merchandising and product discovery solution on the market claims to have the highest ROI… but the truth? 

With so many bold claims floating around, how do you determine the best product discovery platform for your brand?

It all starts with asking the right questions. 

Save hours of time with this ready to use spreadsheet that will help you fairly evaluate vendors' current merit and future-fitness as we move into a choppy economic climate.

  • Company history, current client roster, and market differentiators
  • Functional requirements such as core product discovery features, AI validation, KPI optimization, merchandising controls, and reporting and analytics
  • Critical technical specs like backend architecture, integration, and how seriously the vendor takes data privacy and security
  • Customer success, including onboarding, product roadmap development, and uptime 

Level up with Constructor

Bring together sitewide ecommerce search and product discovery, merchant solutions, and enterprise-ready delivery — all in one Al-powered, KPI-obsessed platform built for the results that matter to you.

+13% Search Conversion
+A13M Revenue
+5% Revenue per Visit
+9% Search Revenue
+40M Revenue

The Ecommerce Product Discovery RFP Template

Get the free spreadsheet and make sure you choose the right vendor for your business KPIs.