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The UX Improvement That Generated a 1.42% Revenue Lift for Our Customer

In this document we reveal the top five search bar autocomplete best practices that accelerate ecommerce KPIs like revenue, conversions, and even inventory management.


Achieve Larger Lifts with Simple Changes

At Constructor, our #1 goal as a product discovery leader is to provide engaging, attractive online experiences that result in higher conversions and increased customer loyalty. Now, we’re making our use cases public so that you can test and improve your own website.
In this cheat sheet, discover five tried-and-true A/B tested autocomplete improvements to help time-strapped buyers find products quicker and improve your overall customer experience for bottom-line results. 
  • Why ecommerce retailers should prioritize autocomplete
  • A deep dive into five A/B tested autocomplete best practices
  • Real-life autocomplete results that led to +1% lift in conversions
  • Specific industry and vertical considerations for autocomplete improvements

Level up with Constructor

Bringing together sitewide ecommerce search and product discovery, merchant solutions, and enterprise-ready delivery — all in one Al-powered, KPI-obsessed platform built for the results that matter to you.
+13% Search Conversion
A13M Revenue
+5% Revenue per Visit
+9% Search Revenue
40M Revenue

Convert more traffic

Test out these autocomplete UX best practices on your own website.